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Up or Down.

DexSystems® Outdoor Floor System™ is the best choice for surfacing the outdoor living experience of your

outdoor rooms

in any climate and application condition and all without the use of traditional cement based mortars grouts or adhesives. This

outdoor flooring

system converts traditional decks to a stone deck or terrace with your selection of gauged stone or tile. Or take on grade pavers to new levels and surface this underlayment system with brick, concrete or stone pavers without traditional sand beds. Construct a rooftop patio outdoor floor with removable panels. The possabilities are endless.

The light weight engineered components of the Outdoor Floor System™ are making

outdoor living

a practical maintenance-free reality. Their tolerance of all weather and climate conditions stand up to demanding conditions. Their simplicity of handling and assembly make it easy for anyone to create and construct beautiful outdoorfloors from inside DexSystems® Outdoor Floor System™ to the finished surface.

There's no better combination of strength, durability and creative flexibility! So build an outdoor floor you can stand on!

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   GratedeX® gives enduring support to Veterans Memorial, Canton IL.
   Easy-simple fastener attachement for 48" GratedeX® flooring panel.
New construction or remodel and renovation, both The GratedeX® Outdoor Floor System™ is ready to meet any of the challenges with these outdoor flooring challenges.

The standard application condition is to place the GratedeX® underlayment panel directly over joist framing members at 16" or 24" on-center and secured with the Bite-Tite® fastener. This open celled structural panel is rock solid. And because it's light-weight, not framing modification required.

An alternate application installation uses the Ped-Tite® disc to support and interlock the GratedeX® panels as a floating floor over a uniform slopped, waterproofed rooftop terrace; no fastener penetrations, a 1/2" open drainage space and removable panels. A stone or tile roof terrace never looked so good!

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This is not a case of one shoe fits all. Rather, multiple decking packages for multiple application scenarios. After all, everyone has their own unique conditions, design ideas and creative taste.

That's no problem for the PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™. As with the GratedeX® decking system, this system has all of the same all-weather, all-condition qualities and functions. It varies only in it's dimensions and placement configuration. With PierdeX®, the outdoor floor can be raised up above the waterproofed rooftop terrace to a fully level flooring surface. And as a light-weight system, no structural modifications are usually required.

There are of course a variety of installation techniques that can be utilized. But to create the basic elevated surface, the PierdeX® includes the Ped-Tite® disc as part of a simple, non-mechanical pedestal assembly.

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